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英文论文写作 The Problems Concerning The Main Contractor

8. Conclusion

The main aspect of this report was to identify who was not enforcing the safety rules and regulations and who was not adhering to them. We looked at who was causing the problems that would eventually lead to danger and harm, and we looked at solutions to combat the problems that have been caused.

If safety has not been given the exposure it deserves workers are put at risk and the company will then be severely liable for the outcome of those situations if an incident or accident occurs. We have come to the conclusion that it is the safety management (main contractors’ Safety Officer and sub-contractors’ Safety Officer) who has to enforce safety on sites and bring upon greater awareness for all workers. They have to keep enforcing the rules and regulations so that everyone will be able to work more safely and decrease any potential risks to the health and safety of themselves or those around them.

Workers also don’t adhere to the safety rules and regulations which puts them at risk, they need to be more open minded when it comes to health and safety. It is also the responsibility if the workers to take the onus upon themselves to educate themselves on their rights so that they have the knowledge to see for themselves what is required from them in terms of health and safety that will inevitably be to their own benefit. They should also follow the safety rules and regulations set out for them by the safety management (main contractors’ Safety Officer and sub-contractors’ Safety Officer). Together with their own knowledge and the rules set out for them, they will be able to see what is most important for them in terms of health and safety whilst working on site.

If all who are concerned with health and safety take the time and effort to act in accordance with the safety rules and regulations it will be a better future for all on site. Less injuries or accidents will occur and the standardization of safety amongst construction sites may have the opportunity to develop.