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英语论文网 自然灾害natural disasters

关于自然灾害Natural Disasters的英语作文

     In the past hundred years, there have heen frequent natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, mud-rock flows, seismic sea waves, earthquakes, windstorms and the stretching of new deserts. The disasters have killed millions upon millions of people, destroyed countless homes, and wiped out numerous pieces of fertile land.

    Now more and more people become aware that those disasters have much to do with what we have done to the earth. We have cut down too many trees in the forests,we have badly polluted the environment, we have shocked our own home-planet time and against with tremendously powerful explosions of nuclear bombs. As a result, climates have become abnormal, rainwater rushes down hillsides angrily, and the underground energy goes up to revenge itself on us.


    The earth is our only home-planet. It is urgent for us to stop damaging it, and to do our best to protect it and make it a lovely place suitable to live in, for we have nowhere to go and survive except where we are now.


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