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怎么写essay 逃课大军 the army of skipping classes

It is not hard to see that the university’sclass only has a few students attending to the course. As a Chinese student, wealways follow the strict attendance rules from kindergarten to high school. Butnot in university, the attendance rule is only a very light supervisory touch.What’s more, most university students do not care their course like the olddays, as long as they will not fail the course, class doesn’t mean so much tothem.


Ithink it is time for the skip army to stop doing this. First of all, almost allthe students spend the money to go to university from their parents, the feeand the living expense could be 5000 to 20000 per year. Which means moststudents did not treasure the chance to receive the higher education, insteadof playing computer in dormitory or somewhere else. What’s worse, the rebels failto achieve their parent’s expectations even though they did not fail thecourse.


Second of all, the rebels will make the teachers feel pathetic abouttheir teaching career. Teacher call the roll and if one miss too muchattendance would fail the course, but this way doesn’t work that much. Someteacher even thought that it is their fault to cause this situation, they blamethemselves that they are not good enough to teaching so that the students don’tlike to attend to their class. This is really a tragedy that they think of thisway. The teacher didn’t know that some students skip classes because oflaziness.


Allin all, everyone skips now and then, but don’t make it a habit. We shouldtreasure the chance to study knowledge and show some respect to the hard workof teacher.


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