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怎么写论文 网络利弊之我见 my view on the internet

Nowadays, the Internet has become very common in our daily life, in that we can surf the Internet everywhere anywhere by computer or mobile. However, the debate on the pros and cons of the network has never stopped. Some people say that the network is a platform for information sharing. Due to it, we have a convenient channel for the dissemination of information and access to information. But some others argue that some people commit a crime by the Internet, so we should stay away from the Internet. From my point of view, I prefer to agree to the former view.


There are some reasons accounting for my point. Firstly, with network, we can exchange information frequently and conveniently. In the information area, information is wealth. In many cases, whether we can succeed in something, it depends on how much information we get. In addition, except for its serious functions, network is a good tool to entertain. Preciously, we only have TV or game machines to have fun, but now we have a functional platform for fun. On the Internet, we can watch TV programs and movies, or we can play online games as well as chat with friends freely, which is a good way to relax.


In short, there is no denying that the Internet has its own disadvantage, but I think its advantages far overweight its disadvantages that we can make good use of those good but avoid those bad.


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