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怎么写论文 一个愉快的心情a pleasant state of mind

Happiness can be described as a positive(实在的事物, 确定的) mood and a pleasant state of mind.
A good education and income are usually considered necessary for happiness. But the rich are not sure to be happier than the middle-income group or even those with very low incomes. People with a college education are somewhat(稍微) happier than those who did not graduate from high school; It is believed that this mainly because they have more opportunities to control their lives. Yet people without a college education may be less happy than those with a college education. Moreover, having good health can be very important to people because they can feel happy and have energy to do what they would like to do. Nevertheless(然而), poor health does not rule out(排除) happiness except for the dying or those in great pain. It should be noted that people quickly get used to what they have, and they are happier when they feel they are increasing their level no matter how little it has been improved.


 The best formula(客套话) for happiness is to be able to develop the ability to tolerate(宽恕) frustration(挫败), to have a personal involvement(缠绕) and commitment(承诺), and to develop self-confidence and self-esteem(尊重).