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怎么写thesis The different types of organizational culture


In a normative organization, the organization stresses on implementing the organizational procedures in a correct way, and according to the norms and rules defined. This kind of culture is perceived to portray, a high standard of business ethics.

Pragmatic Culture

In contrast to normative cultures, stress is laid on satisfying the wish of their clients. In this type of organizational structure, the company sets no norms, and utmost importance is given to the needs of the client.

Academy Culture

In this kind of culture, employees are highly skilled, and the organization provides an environment for the development and honing of employee skills. Examples of this kind of culture are hospitals, universities, large corporations, etc. Employees tend to stay with the organization and grow within it.

Baseball Team Culture

In this kind of culture, the employees are “free agents” and are highly prized. These employees find employment easily in any organization and are very much in demand. There is, however, a considerable amount of risk that is attached to this culture, as it is also fast paced. Examples of this kind of culture are advertising, investment banking, etc.

Club Culture

Usually the employees stay with the organization for a long time and get promoted to a senior post or level. These employees are hand picked, and it is imperative that they possess the specific skills required and desired, by the organization. Examples of this kind of organization are law firms, the military, etc.

Fortress Culture

Employees are not sure if the will be laid off or not by the organization. Very often, this organization undergoes massive changes. Few examples of this type of culture are loans and savings, large car companies, etc.

Tough-Guy Culture or Macho Culture

The most important aspect of this kind of culture is big rewards and quick feedback. This kind of culture is mostly associated with quick financial activities like brokerage and currency trading. It can also be related with activities, like a sports team or branding of an athlete, and also the police team. This kind of culture is considered to carry along, a high amount of stress, and people working within the organization are expected to possess a strong mentality, for survival in the organization.

Work Hard/Play Hard

This type of organization does not involve much risk, as the organizations already consist of a firm base along with a strong client relationship. This kind of culture is mostly opted by large organizations, which have strong customer service. The organization with this kind of culture is equipped with specialized jargons and is qualified with multiple team meetings.

Bet Your Company Culture

In this kind of culture, the company makes big and important decisions over high stakes endeavors. It takes time to see the consequence of these decisions. Companies that postulate experimental projects and researches as their core business, adopt this kind of culture. A company designing experimental military weapons for example can adopt this kind of culture.

Process Culture