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怎么写thesis The different types of organizational culture

This type of culture does not include the process of feedback. In this kind of culture, the organization is extremely cautious about the adherence to laws and prefers to abide by them. This culture provides consistency to the organization and is good for public services.

A culturally strong organization will focus on the environment it creates for its workers because that will help encourage a more efficient and productive company. Focusing on building and sustaining organizational culture shows employees that they are considered an important part of the company. This type of company generally has among the best response from its employees and thus will also have a much better chance of achieving its goals and further more improving its organizational performance.

There are five major reasons for wanting to create an appropriate and positive organizational culture for your company:

1) A strong organizational culture will attract high-level talent.

2) A strong organizational culture will help to keep your top-level talent.

3) A strong culture creates energy and momentum, which helps to allow the people to feel valued and free to express them selves.

4) A strong and successful organizational culture should alter the employees view of work. Instead of thinking of work as a place you have to go, a solid culture can make employees look forward to work.

5) A strong and positive organizational culture will help make everyone more efficient and successful.

The $256.3 billion Wal-Mart, the world’s largest company, has more than 1.3 million associates worldwide and nearly 5,000 stores and wholesale clubs across 10 countries. Wal-Mart’s unique culture has been shaped by the founder, Sam Walton. Sam believed that the secret of successful retailing was to give customers what they wanted. He devised a set of simple rules like ‘three basic beliefs’, ‘ten foot rule’, and ‘the sundown rule’ to guide the organization’s culture. Walton was passionate about keeping the costs of the business as low as possible. He believed that technology would distance the employees from customers. He considered unions to be a threat as they would only increase his costs.

Even after Walton’s death, the senior managers are striving hard to keep the founder’s core values alive in the company.