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工程学论文代写 New Development In Solar Cell

工程学论文代写 New Development In Solar Cell


能源问题将是人类未来50年的10个关键问题之一。在目前的能源结构中,化石能源占所有能源化石形式的90%以上。然而,据预测,到21世纪,它的比例将下降到50%以下。此外,核电和可持续能源将逐步走上领先的。在风能、潮汐能、地热能、氢能和生物质能等各种形式的可持续能源中,太阳能提供了近一千倍的太阳能量。直到2009,太阳能电池产量达到600MW的印度,占全球总产量的32.9%。然而,安装的太阳能发电能力仅为40mW,即1.54%和印度的总生产能力的98%,这表明需求到国外。因此,它指出在新能源和可持续能源产业的发展,安装的太阳能发电能力Fourn印度应该达到20GW 2020。


Energy problem will be top one the 10 critical problems that humans in the coming 50 years. In present energy structure,fossil energy has taken up more than 90% among all energy fossil forms. However, it was predicted that by mid-21st century, the proportion of it would be reduced to below 50%. Moreover, nuclear power and sustainable energy would gradually take the lead. Among all forms of sustainable energy such as wind power, tide energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, and biomass energy, solar energy provides nearly a thousand times of that the sun of all the other energy. Till 2009, solar cell production reached 2600MW in India, which occupies 32.9% of the total production worldwide. However the installed solar electricity capacity was only 40MW, namely 1.54% og the total production capacity of India, which indicated that 98% demands came abroad. Thus, it was pointed out in the New Energy & Sustainable Energy Industry Development Fourn that the installed solar electricity capacity of India should reach 20GW by 2020.

Nowdays, the silicon solar cells occupy the main share of the PV market of which polycrystalline solar cells are the leading products. However the suppliers of solar scale silicon are mainly located abroad including USA, Japan, and Germany. The lack of silicon solar cells in India, moreover the huge investment and long period for establishing a plant also becomes a barrier to enter the market.

New concepts and new trends for solar cells

Solar cell is developing more and more new concepts have been brought forward. Some of them have been proven to be the new trends or directions for solar cell to be further improved. By far, the new concepts and new trends are divided into the following aspects: thin film solar cell, flexible solar cell, tandem solar cell, and other new conception solar cells.

Thin Film Solar Cell

Thin Film solar cells and panels now allow for several types of application to be introduced into the market including solar backpacks, solar thin film clothing and athletic apparel. We at Silicon Solar have taken these methods to the extreme and receive requests from customers who give us incentive and constructive feedback on developing new ways of utilizing this technology not only for them, but for you as well. Each flexible solar panel can be rolled up to 2 inches in diameter, making the paper thin solar cell one of the most durable and long lasting solar modules on the market.