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论文英语 Critical Evaluation Of Recruiting Operational Effectiveness


本报告的目的选择的公司是阿卜杜拉上午alkhodari公司(KSC)成立于1966,由已故的阿卜杜拉A. M. alkhodari。该公司开始在各大工业和地方市政公司的小项目,但稳步增长,自那时以来,在沙特阿拉伯的前100家公司的第八十。该公司已有机地发展到其他国家在Gulf,中东和非洲,一个最新的发展是一个主要的合资企业与英国航运公司。




Traditionally applicants went looking for job openings in companies that suit their career profile and their future development plans. That is not the case anymore. Employers have recognized the need of recruiting the right candidates for their organizations so they compete proactively to attract the right candidates to their organizations. Companies have realized the strategic importance of efficient HR function to attract and retain employees who have the potential to add competitive advantage to the organization.

The company chosen for the purpose of this report is Abdullah A. M. Alkhodari Sons Company (KSC) which was founded in 1966, by the late Abdullah A. M. Alkhodari. The company started with small projects in major industries and local municipality corporations but has steadily grown since then to be 80th in the Top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia. The company has organically grown into other countries in Gulf, Middle East and Africa, a latest development being a major Joint Venture with a UK Shipping Company.

The company has spread its activities into different segments in the construction industry like general contracting, city cleaning, waste management, steel manufacturing, industrial services, transportation, equipment trading, industrial trading, insurance services, and travel services and has developed with the growth of Saudi Arabia by playing an active role in its development.

KSC being a market leader in earth works also has a significant market share in general construction in a variety of industries.

Terms of reference

The author of this report evaluates the operation and effectiveness of recruitment and selection policies followed in their family owned business, KSC.

Analysis of the recruitment and selection policies of KSC

The Recruitment procedure followed in KSC has been evaluated under each stage of recruitment. The existing recruitment policy has been attached in Appendix;

Communication of job vacancy

Recruitment process starts when the request to fill a position is received by the HR department from the relevant department heads or the line managers. This could be done by filling out a requisition form detailing the job role, minimum qualifications required, relevant experience and the type of job. Once the HR department receives such requisition appropriate source is chosen for sourcing the applicants.

KSC follows a very formal and efficient system of job requisition whereby a reference number is generated for each job requests to track the progress of recruitment. There is also an authorization system in place depending on the grade of position that will be filled by the applicant.