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论文英语 Critical Evaluation Of Recruiting Operational Effectiveness

Job description

It is important for the people involved in the recruitment process to understand the job description of the vacant position and the level of experience required by the proposed candidate. This is because without the accurate job description it is difficult for the HR department to target their efforts in filling the position.

In KSC the job requisition form filled in by the department heads/ line managers is very detailed with the relevant section for job responsibilities, pay scale, urgency of filling the position etc which must help HR department in their sourcing efforts. This is again run very efficiently by the HR department. So if a job must be filled urgently it is vital to have as detailed the profile of the position as possible to expedite the recruitment process.

Establish remuneration/ compensation package

Once the job role is defined the pay scale and the related benefits that the potential employee would be entitled to claim must be finalized. This is a crucial stage and there is no formal yardstick available most of the times while deciding on the pay package.

KSC follows the Internal Equity method for this stage to decide the pay. The wages of employees in similar role internally is considered to decide the salary of the new recruit. This method is more towards the traditional Personnel Management where the employees’ decisions are made on Collectivism rather than Individualism. So each employee is considered as part of a group and the decisions are made for the group rather than for the individual employee.

The advantage of collectivism is the satisfaction among the employees that there is equity and less discrepancy in the pay levels, while Individualism adds to the motivation of the employees as they feel that they are being trusted by the organization and the organization recognizes them as separate individual during appraisals.

Establish general employment policies and procedures

This stage of the recruitment process is mostly standard as the general employment terms don’t change very much including the company’s equal opportunity, data protection and sick leave procedures.

KSC values the importance of equal opportunities as it believes that people from different backgrounds and race bring different competences to the business and if there should be a criterion to filter the candidates then it must be based purely on the capability of the candidate.

What source to choose for recruitment?

There are different sources for recruitment which the companies compare to opt for the most suitable and effective method for the organization. A company may choose to recruit from external source or if there is an existing employee available who is eligible for the job then promote from within. One of the popular sources which cater for the majority of the recruitment is online using the Information Technology.

Choosing the right source can be very crucial depending on the type of job role the company is looking to fill but most companies ignore the multitude of options available and resort to using the same source every time there is a vacancy. This limits the scope for the company as they would be trying to find people from the same source for different department while there could be dedicated sources available which focus on the database of candidates from particular fields, like management.

KSC at the moment is also using a range of sources to recruit the potential employees like the existing databank of the company, placing advertisements in the local and national news paper, using national and international recruitment agencies, job portals and employee references. There is also a provision of applying from the company’s job section of the website, where all the current job openings are listed and are open for public to apply.

This stage of the procedure is very efficient as the right source can be chosen depending on the jobs to be filled. There is however scope of improvement in choosing the dedicated newspapers and recruitment agencies for placing advertisements for job depending on the job specification and department e.g. dedicated construction industry journals can be used to place an advert for jobsrequiring specific prior industry experience.


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