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教育学生确定进入教学被认为教学能力排名最高的激励,内在的教学价值和社会效用值(如欲使一个社会的贡献,塑造未来的工作与儿童/青少年)。中级动机包括正面的前教学和学习经验,个人效用值(工作安全,家庭时间,工作转移)。排名最低的动机的负面动机,选择了教学作为后备事业,社会影响。与会者还公布了强劲的社会劝阻从教学生涯(家人和朋友),在社会地位较低的教学场地,情感征税并支付工资很低。然而,进入教师教育,参与者评价他们的满意度,选择了教学生涯的高。曼努埃尔和休斯(2006)显示类似的发现。亚力山大(2008)指出,那些选择教学是因为他们渴望有所作为,对社会有所贡献的因素胜过无数。然而,教学和学习发生在社会和文化建构的背景下,和主要 选择在北美,英国教学动机、北欧和澳大利亚的上下文(即与年轻人,工作的愿望的工作对社会多做贡献,提供智力成就,意味着潜在的)都不是万能的。在其他社会文化背景下,外在动机,如工资,工作安全,假期和职业地位,可以承担更重要的选择教学作为一种职业。


education students identified the highest ranking motivators for entering teaching to be perceived teaching abilities, the intrinsic value of teaching and social utility values (such as the desire to make a social contribution, shape the future and work with children/adolescents). Middle-ranked motives included positive prior teaching and learning experiences, and personal utility values (job security, time for family, job transferability). The lowest ranked motives were the negative motivations of having chosen teaching as a fallback career, and social influences. Participants also reported strong social dissuasion from a teaching career (from family and friends), on the grounds that teaching was low in social status, emotionally taxing and paid a low salary. Nonetheless, on entering teacher education, participants rated their satisfaction for having chosen a teaching career as high. Manuel and Hughes (2006) show similar findings. As Alexander (2008) observes, those who chose teaching do so because their desire to make a difference and to contribute to society overpowers the myriad of dissuasive factors. However, teaching and learning occur within socially and culturally constructed contexts, and the major motives for choosing teaching in North American, British, Northern European and Australasian contexts (ie the desire to work with young people, the potential for the job to provide intellectual fulfillment and the means by which to make a social contribution) are not universal. In other sociocultural contexts, extrinsic motivations, such as salary, job security, holidays and career status, can assume greater importance for choosing teaching as a career


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