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Wilfred Owen诗歌中的“失落”主题源于他创作的环境;“残疾”一词是Wilfred Owen于1917写的,当时他正从西方战线的战壕中恢复过来。在这一点上,Wilfred Owen对战争的看法是相当糟糕的,因为他在战壕中战斗时见过许多恐怖事件,因为他接触了炮弹休克的受害者,也就是所谓的创伤后应激障碍。这首诗《残疾人》讲述了第一次世界大战中一名士兵在战斗中失去四肢的痛苦回忆和思想,现在他只能坐在轮椅上,完全无助。这首诗把他现在面临的活生生的死亡与他曾经享受过的“快乐”对比了一下,“在他把膝盖扔掉之前”。然后主角回忆起那些在战争中加入战斗的欢呼的人群。然后,主人公注意到人群是多么的小而不那么热情,女人们怎么看他都不看他,而是看“整个男人”。Wilfred Owen用这首诗的标题本身:“残疾人”显示失落的主题,标题是很重要的因为它是抓住读者的注意力,简要描述了诗的标题“残疾人”确实是这样的,就是这一点,这给读者一幅他们心中损失由于在诗歌意象和语言使用的诗。


The theme of loss in Wilfred Owen’s poems originated from his surroundings when he wrote it; the poem ‘Disabled’ was written by Wilfred Owen in 1917 while he was recovering from injuries that he had sustained in the trenches of the Western Front. Wilfred Owen’s view on the war was quite poor at this point as he had seen many horrors while fighting in the trenches and because of his exposure to victims of Shell Shock otherwise known as post-traumatic stress disorder. The poem ‘Disabled’ talks of the tormented recollections and thoughts of a soldier in World War I who has lost his limbs in battle and is now confined to a wheelchair and is utterly helpless. The poem contrasts the living death he is now facing with the pleasures he once enjoyed “before he threw away his knees”. The main character then recalls the frivolous crowds which had cheered as he joined up to fight in the war. The main character then notes how the crowds had looked smaller and less enthusiastic, and how women no longer look at him but at “the strong men who were whole”. Wilfred Owen uses the poem title itself: ‘Disabled’ to display the theme of loss, the title is quite important as it is what grabs the reader’s attention and gives a brief description of the poem and the title ‘Disabled’ certainly does that and is to the point, this gives the reader a picture in their mind of loss in the poem due to imagery and the use of language throughout the poem.


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