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除此之外,你还提供了一个指示其偏好的学习,这样就显示偏好较强和较弱的学生。具体来说,以四的喜好在瓦克问卷调查(视觉,听觉,强调阅读、写作、和动觉)做出具体的建议培训可以最大限度的设计学习个体与这些不同的偏好。例如,具有较强阅读/写作偏好的学生可以学习使用视觉策略进行笔记或表达自己的学习。然而,一个具有很强的视觉偏好的学生可能会参加一个课程,协助以或表达信息运动方式。事实上,有一些这样的课程可用的是大多数社区。 结果对视觉、听觉的维度对这个测试我的成绩,读/写和Kinesthetic分别为10、9、5、9分别。你说这是多模态学习即自己因为我对三变量有好成绩。由于三变量具有几乎相同的分数,瓦克的指南会提供的名单,在这些多模态学习策略组合分析.


Other than this, VARK also provides students with an indication of their preferences for learning and as such it will indicate stronger and weaker preferences. Specifically, take the four preferences emphasized in the VARK questionnaire (visual, aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) and make specific recommendations for how training can be designed to maximize learning for individual with each of these different preferences. For example a student with a strong Read/Write preference might learn to use Visual strategic for note-taking or expressing his/her learning. However, a student with strong Visual preference might attend a course to assist with kinesthetic ways of taking information in or for expressing it. Indeed, there are a number of such courses available is most communities.For the result my scores on this test for the dimensions of visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic were 10, 9, 5, and 9 respectively. VARK describe this as a multimodal learner i.e. myself because I have good score on three variable. Since the three variables have nearly the same scores, the VARK guide will provide an insight on the lists and combinations present in the multimodal study strategy in each of these


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